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Wine produced by Ecological Agriculture

Ten reasons for supporting this process 
So that remains of chemical products do not appear in the results …

In the vineyard 
1· Chemical fertilisers cannot be used. Only organic fertilisers are employed (of animal or vegetal origin). 
2· Herbicides cannot be used to control and destroy weeds. Wild plants must be controlled with localised farming methods. 
3· Systemic insecticides and fungicides (vascular assimilation) cannot be used. Only two products can be employed in small amounts: sulphur and copper, non-systemic products which act only upon contact and then they disappear entirely from the plant within a brief period of time due to the effects of wind, rain or sun. 
4· Quality must prevail and the bunches are thinned out seeking a low yield. 
5· The grapes are carefully selected during harvesting in order to assure that only healthy grapes are brought into the winery. 
6· The harvested grapes are transported in 15 kg boxes, protected from the sun, in order to assure a clean, fresh and whole grape in the winery.

In the winery 
7· Synthetic fibre tanks cannot be used, nor ones with any epoxy coatings on the inside, due to a possible spreading of the chemical components to the wine. Only stainless steel tanks should be used.
8· The work in the winery is carried out with the maximum cleanliness and hygiene possible.
9· The Ecological Production Regulations have limited the use of sulphur as a preservative to approximately half, compared with traditional oenology methods. 
10· The Ecological Agricultural Committee makes sure that all the points mentioned above are complied with, and that the pertinent inspections are carried out in situ and the corresponding analysis in the official Laboratories.

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